About P4S Consulting



We Are Motivated by What We Believe

  • We believe that everyone eventually realizes it is not just about money, shareholder value or quarterly earnings.
  • We believe that making a difference in someone’s life can have an immeasurably powerful impact on themselves and others.
  • We believe that business owners, professional leaders, parents, teachers, spouses, pastors, missionaries and community leaders have as noble a mission as any professional pursuit.
  • We believe that our collective professional knowledge, skill and capability can have a transformative impact in the hands of those who serve others.
  • We believe that leaders who serve others deserve the same powerful tools used by successful global organizations.
  • We absolutely believe that our efforts will be used to enable many who positively impact many others – and that is why we are passionate about our Mission.
  • We believe that if you do not know your Purpose, you cannot have a Vision and cannot have a clear Mission, and you must start here.


Our Promise to NPOs and NGOs

We have a special commitment to non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations, such as churches, ministries and other philanthropic institutions.

We will provide – at nominal or no cost to official team members of NPOs – P4S proprietary tools, templates and training resources which are based on the highest global business standards and industry best practices.