How to Explode Your Job Search
For More Attention, More Interviews,
More Offers and More Money

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Are you an EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL but worried about...

How your leverage your skills to land a new role?

A resume with inconsistent job history?

How to get more attention as highly qualified?

How to perform better in the interview phase?

What you should add and remove from your resume?

Having to job  hunt after years of employment?

Are you a STUDENT or RECENT GRADUATE worried about...

How to execute an effective career path?
When you need your first job or internship?

How to sell yourself to get the right job?
Competing in an unfair U.S. marketplace?
The lack of response to your resume?
How to communicate your value to a company?

Are you an SENIOR EXECUTIVE worried about...

Your career positioning and path?

How to effectively reach decision-makers?

Salary expectations and negotiation?

How to make decades of experience relevant now?

How to avoid age discrimination?

How to position yourself as a Top Candidate?

Are you a PARENT of a student worried about...

How your student will get an internship?
The time to get a job after graduation?
Their skills to sell themselves effectively?
Their confidence to network professionally?
Their ability to interview persuasively?
How you can help them?

The CONCERNS you have are normal.
The PROBLEMS you are facing are real.

Unfortunately, the challenges are much WORSE if,

  • 1
    You have unrelated or inconsistent work experience - or want to pivot.
  • 2
    You have no job waiting for you after graduation.
  • 3
    You have no executive-level connection to help you get a “foot in the door.”
  • 4
    You have limited F or J Visa time to find employment or risk being deported.
  • 5
    You have no mentor helping you avoid career-impacting mistakes.
  • 6
    You have no inside help to navigate the corporate recruiting process.

We completely understand because we see the frustration every day while working with candidates on every level.

It’s not just a resume problem.

From Entry-Level to Executive-Level, there are a wide variety of problems which prevent job seekers from obtaining valuable and meaningful employment, such as,

  • Not leveraging marketing and sales strategies in the job hunt
  • Not knowing how to communicate a personal value proposition
  • Lack of strategic preparation before graduation
  • Lacking confidence on paper and in person
  • A weak and ineffective LinkedIn profile
  • Poorly communicated knowledge, skills, abilities and experience
  • Work experience without accomplishments or achievements
  • Lack of insight into realistic professional career options
  • Inconsistencies between the resume and online information
  • A job hunting strategy that is too broad to be effective
  • A resume that's missing differentiators required to stand out
  • No networking plan of action
  • Insufficient understanding of the corporate talent acquisition process
  • Poorly defined and communicated personal brand
  • Deal killers unknowingly embedded in the resume
  • Not understanding the 5 stakeholder perspectives and their influence
  • Insufficient preparation for impromptu conversations and interviews
  • Poor salary understanding, knowledge, negotiation power and leverage
  • And so many more

For these reasons, we offer Students, Experienced Professionals and Executives the 2mySuccessTM Resume and Placement Support Service, the most complete Career Advisory Service available.

Why Choose 2mySuccessTM Career Advisory Services?


  • We have the experience of being Corporate Hiring Managers
  • We have the experience of being Enterprise Operational Leaders
  • We have the experience of being C-level Decision-Makers
  • We have the experience of being HR Professionals who know the process
  • We have the experience of being the Recruiters who control every resume


  • We know how to make your resume look good and get attention
  • We know how to add the right keywords be found in resume searches
  • We know how to strategically align your experience with your goals
  • We know how to target your resume to the position you want
  • We know how the culture works in the U.S. corporate marketplace
  • We know how to get you more attention, opportunities and interviews

Our UNIQUE POINT OF VIEW also gives us the EXCEPTIONAL ability to help,

  • Ensure your resume and LinkedIn profile are professional and powerful!
  • Create content that will make you stand out from your peers
  • Understand your value and how to communicate it!
  • Improve your confidence when communicating with employers!
  • Identify and network professionally with the right people!
  • Practice interviewing with constructive feedback in a safe environment!
  • Deeply understand that you are selling you, not just interviewing!

The 2mySuccessTM System is a Powerful Strategy



Our Systematic Process is the same strategy used by Top Earners to get the Best Opportunities. And we can walk you through the same steps from Discovery to Execution.



Where am I now?

A look at your past.


  • Gifts / Talents
  • Strengths
  • Personality
  • Passions
  • Values
  • Purpose


  • Experiences
  • Education
  • Jobs
  • Achievements
  • Awards
  • Projects
  • Contributions
  • School Activities



Where am I going?

A look at your goals.


  • Money
  • Time
  • Significance
  • The Problem
  • “You” Solution
  • Value Proposition
  • Denomination
  • Personal Brand
  • W-2, 1099, LLC


  • Industry
  • Culture
  • Geography
  • Language
  • Size, Maturity
  • Risk Tolerance



How do I get there?

Custom Planning


  • Good, Bad
  • Distractions
  • Format


  • Consistency
  • Multi-use
  • Photo

Cover Letter

  • Value Proposition
  • Differentiators


  • References
  • Referrals
  • Networking



How do I do it?

Powerful Action Steps


  • The Pitch
  • Target Keywords
  • 5 Perspectives
  • Passion


  • Selling You
  • Engagement
  • Confidence
  • Objections


  • Value Proposition
  • Additional Info
  • Professional
  • Interest

Our UNIQUE APPROACH creates an EXECUTABLE PLAN and the CONFIDENCE to achieve it!

If you want to supercharge your job search and
position yourself to get More Attention,
More Interviews, More Offers and More Money,
Let us show you how and help you in the process.

Choose the perfect 2mySuccessTM package you need.


Designed for the Student or Graduate, but also simple, fast and effective when you need help quick.



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  • Academic Inventory
  • Professional Assessment
  • Resume Development
  • Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profile
Full Job Seeker Name

Complete support for Executive-level  Professional to deliver competitive advantage on every level and job search support!



/one time

  • All GRADUATE Services
  • All PROFESSIONAL Services
  • Job Search Support
  • Coaching Quarterly
  • On Demand Discount
Full Job Seeker Name

Select your support package, get your 2mySuccessTM Fast Start Career Questionnaire, instructions on the process and schedule your Discovery Call to accelerate your career.


Normally, we are right on target because of the Discovery and Objective exercises at the start of the process. However, if for any reason, you are unhappy, we will rewrite and rework the portions of the resume needed to get it right. In most cases, 3 revisions are normal. While we cannot control the actions, follow-up and required activity of a candidate, we can control how we follow through on our commitments. If for any reason, we do not deliver on our commitments, we will provide a 100% refund.

What's Included 


Professional and Academic Inventory and Assessment
Help you identify the factors influencing your career development, and help you assess your interests, abilities, strengths, skills, values and more!

Objective Coaching and Value Proposition Creation
This can best be described as planning your journey up the correct mountain. There's not much more discouraging then becoming successful at something you don’t want to do. Get where you want to go!

Resume Development, Formatting, Messaging, etc.
There's an infinite number of things you can do wrong on a resume. We’ll focus on what to do correctly that adds strength and power to your message.

Cover Letter Alternatives
A generic cover letter sends the wrong message. Too much information sends the wrong message. We’ll help you find the balance.

LinkedIn Profile Development, Formatting, Messaging, etc.
We’ll help you create a compelling LinkedIn profile that supports your resume, enhances your value proposition and strengthens your personal brand.


All of the GRADUATE PACKAGE services above...PLUS

Corporate Options Targeting
We’ll help you with the process of landing – not just a job – but, the job you want. This is a high payoff activity; because, the same skills and experience could be twice as valuable in a different industry. Your industry choice makes a big difference!

Strategic Marketing Messaging
Every resume is a sales letter. It's an advertisement selling You! Every word must be aligned with solving a problem and targeted to the right person.

Interviewing Support and Preparation
Help to master the interview using answers for common interview questions, body language, learning what not to do and more.

Follow-up Strategy Creation
We’ll help you to determine next steps and develop a plan to achieve your goals. If you leave this to human resources, they will call it “career pathing” and “professional development” – but it's where they want you to go.


All of the GRADUATE PACKAGE services above...PLUS

All of the PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE services above...PLUS

Job Search Support Services
Remember; we know recruiting. We can create a target list of potential hiring managers the same way we can create a list of potential candidates for a job. This isn't about just posting a resume with keywords.

1 Hour of Professional Coaching and Support Quarterly for 2 Years
If you don't have a challenge or an issue that needs to be discussed, we will have developmental exercises and homework for you! :-)

20% Discount on Hourly On-Demand Support Services for 2 Years
If you have already purchased the Complete package and need more time and support, we are thrilled to go the journey with you and happy to provide a discount on our standard On Demand Time.


The objective for graduating college students is more than just landing a job. The real goal is to quickly learn and incorporate skills and capabilities to compliment the knowledge and training acquired in college to create and deliver value to an employer – and be rewarded for it!

We're just not delivering a transaction or product. We are committed to the journey with you. That’s why we have a set of services that can provide powerful coaching and mentoring support which translates into consistent success - on each step of your career journey. Our support will consistently give you a powerful advantage over other jobseekers.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

QUESTION: Why should I pay for Placement Support Services?

If you used a stronger resume to receive an offer worth $10,000 more per year, what would it be worth over the long term?
A stronger resume will absolutely produce more responses, more interviews, more options and more money. That’s an immediate return on investment!

If you were able to stay in the United States after graduation because you found employment, what would it be worth?

If you were in sales and had a potential deal that was going to pay you a $300,000 commission over a three-year period, how much time, effort and expense would you put into winning the deal?
You would invest a LOT of both effort and expense to land the deal for sure! Well, if you are trying to land a $100,000 per year job, that is exactly the situation you are in. You are selling you! And if they buy you, you stand to make a lot of money over a multi-year deal. So why would you not invest a small amount into increasing your chances, increasing your potential income, improving your positioning and increasing your number of options?

If you were able to start working two months sooner, what would it be worth?
Simple. Two months of salary, the value of the benefits, any 401(k) matching contributions, etc. – a lot more than the cost of Resume and Placement Support Services.

QUESTION: How do you know the 2mySuccessTM system will help me?

Simple. We’re already providing the same support for candidates every day who we place in jobs with employers around the country.

Mark Galvan is the innovator behind the strategy that makes the 2mySuccessTM system so powerful. Mark was formerly Accenture’s North American HR Outsourcing Lead, supervising a team of over 250 HR, payroll and benefits professionals. Mark has integrated 20 years of experience in professional services, outsourcing and operational excellence to design the solutions we offer. Today, Mark is an executive principal and co-founder of ProForce, a multi-industry staffing, recruiting, talent management and employer branding consulting firm.

Mark has invested thousands of hours in developing the 2mySuccessTM system while working with hundreds of candidates providing career counseling, resume services and professional coaching and support. Mark’s unique perspective and methodology is extraordinarily unique because it is a strategic synthesis of sales, marketing, branding, strategy, organizational design and talent acquisition best practices.

Mark is also the author of THE 10X RESUME: 10 Steps to Create a Powerful Resume for More Offers, More Options, More Money.

QUESTION: Can I get Career Support before I graduate?

Absolutely. College graduates would be in a better position if they began preparing as freshmen and sophomores by developing professional experiences consistent with their career direction-  not just any job.

Hiring managers evaluate college graduates on factors which can be influenced, such as, academic performance, extracurricular activities, internships, work experience, technology aptitude, communication skills and leadership experience. Early preparation produces a powerful competitive edge in the job market. For example, a college degree is a minimum standard for eligibility in many professional positions; but, a complimentary certification produces significant differentiation. Work experience in alignment with education and certifications produces a powerful trifecta impact.

We can help provide guidance to navigate through some of the challenges as well as recommend specific strategies.

QUESTION: What if I'm unhappy with your work on my resume?

Our goal is not to provide just information. We begin each relationship with the objective of delivering TRANSFORMATION. The transformation we produce in the form of enhanced resumes is consistently very powerful; and, it produces more attention, more conversations, more interviews, more offers and more money. If for any reason, you are unhappy, we will rewrite and rework the portions of the resume needed to get it right. This is extremely unlikely however because of the Discovery and Objective exercises at the start of the process. In most cases, 3 revisions are normal; after that, changes are simply iterative.

QUESTION: Is my LinkedIn profile really important?


First, your LinkedIn profile is your online, electronic business card. It constitutes the core of your personal brand and is the foundation of your professional online persona. It is also acceptable to include certain elements and information on your LinkedIn profile that would be inappropriate on a resume. Many HR departments and hiring managers today include a review of your LinkedIn profile during the evaluation of your resume. We can show you how to strategically leverage the LinkedIn profile functionality as a promotional tool to highlight complementary skills, capabilities and experience as an extension of your resume.

Second, LinkedIn provides a platform for cultivating a professional network of colleagues which will grow over your professional career. LinkedIn will enable you to stay connected with past professors, classmates, co-workers from internships and part-time jobs, managers and other students who have graduated and entered the workforce with many other companies.

Finally, a well-written, professional LinkedIn profile shows you are serious about your career and professional goals. It clearly helps differentiate you from peers who have not benefited from this type of coaching and support.

QUESTION: Can you help me if I'm not local or in another country?

Yes. Virtually 100% of our work is online and delivered over the Internet. Skype, Facetime or other video conferencing software provides an opportunity to interact on a more personal level and build a relationship that is foundational to trust and understanding. Furthermore, the principles and concepts are applicable in most developed countries and in some areas, produce even more significant results

QUESTION: How can I begin the process to get my Career Support?

Click on the link below to select your support package, get your 2mySuccessTM Fast Start Career Questionnaire, instructions on the process and schedule your discovery call to accelerate your career.

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