How to Create a Powerful Resume
For More Attention, More Interviews,
More Offers and More Money
(even during a pandemic)

Only 1% of Candidates Win in a Job Search because,

1 person out of 100 candidates on average gets the job.

The other 99% get another rejection experience.

The 1% get diferent results because they are doing something different!

What are the 1% doing different?

The 1% are doing the Opposite of the 99%

The 1%

Strategically position themselves
Sell themselves
Leverage insider help
The 99%

Don't have a winning resume
Don't sell themselves
Don't know the complicated process
What about you?
How would your life improve if you got a better job?

A better job is often LIFE-CHANGING...producing benefits like,
  • 1
    Eliminating financial stress
  • 2
    Getting out of debt
  • 3
    Working in a job you love for the first time
  • 4
    Providing more for your loved ones
  • 5
    Spending work time doing something fulfilling
  • 6
    Making an impact
  • 7
    Making a difference

These Outcomes are Priceless.

Now, You Can Have the Same Results.

We are intentionally working to level the playing field and empower anyone competing for a job to have access to every cutting-edge advantage that’s available to the 1%.

This stuff changes lives because our jobs are not just sources of income. Imagine how your life would be different if,

  • 1
    Doing something fulfilling meant you became passionate about your work?
  • 2
    You woke up every day knowing you made a meaningful impact on others’ lives?
  • 3
    You started doing something that you knew every day makes a difference?
  • 4
    You were in a job that was a purposeful stepping stone to something else?
  • 5
    Maybe starting your own business?
  • 6
    Publishing something as an author?
  • 7
    Helping your family or a charity?
  • 8
    Only you know…
Or Imagine This...

You're in a job or doing work that you love so much that you hate having to go to bed because it takes you away from what you're passionate about.

Or you hate Fridays because it forces you to take a break – not because you’re a workaholic – but because you pour your heart into something that is in line with who you are, is personally and professionally fulfilling and rewards you well!

ALL these things are possible.
And the outcomes are worth the effort.
You deserve more. You can offer more.
You can be rewarded more.
Now You Have a Choice.
Option A.  Stay in the 99% stuck in the same job with no options

Option B. Do what the 1% are doing and get the same results

This is not about INFORMATION.

Here's How.

We have been providing this type of support to candidates for years through our staffing and recruiting services as well as resume-writing and career coaching services. Between 2017 and 2018, we documented all the career coaching and resume support strategies we have been giving to candidates to help them be successful, so we could offer it to any candidate who wants a competitive advantage to get the job they want.

That’s right. Anyone.

Thousands of candidates we work with over years have already gained access to these resources and strategies.
These are these Same Exclusive Techniques Staffing Agencies use to place their Candidates.
Now You have Access to the same Strategies to Create a Powerful Resume and Explode your Job Search!
The 2mySuccessTM

Resume Assessment Toolkit

Your First Step Toward More Offers, More Options, More Money
This Assessment will step you through a complete evaluation of both the strategic and tactical aspects of your resume from the employer's perspective and help you identify the gaps that need the most attention, such as,

A clear employer-centric Value Proposition
Creating clear alignment between you and the job
How to leverage the most visible part of your resume to sell YOU
Distractions inconsistent with your career goal
Format, layout, design - even font best practices
Content that is consistent and complementary with your LinkedIn profile
Clear Differentiators to set you apart from other candidates

The Most Deadly Resume Deal Killers

and How to Avoid Them
There are many types of information which, when included on a resume, lower your eligibility at best or immediately disqualify you at worst. Learn how to prevent this from happening to you. You'll learn how to address,

1.  Inconsistent Roles, Job Changes
2.  Employment Gaps
3.  Social, Political, Religious Info
4.  Negative References or Events
5.  Entrepreneurial Interests
6.  Visa Requirements
7.  Criminal Record
8.  And more...
Why Your Resume Gets < 10 Seconds of Attention

Inside Knowledge for Competitive Advantage
In every organization, cost, quality and speed are rigorously managed because of their impact on profitability, customer satisfaction, etc. The recruiting process is no different.

In most organizations, recruiting is managed like production, complete with standardized processes, KPIs, performance metrics, goals and objectives, etc. You cannot change the organizational approach to processing resumes, screening candidates, conducting interviews, etc. But, this special training will provide you insight into how the process works, what happens in the first 10 seconds and why decisions are made so quickly. When you become aware of the process, you can leverage what you learn to navigate through it successfully and powerfully increase your chances of selection.
The 5 Key Stakeholder Perspectives

and How to Leverage Them
Your resume travels a long journey and passes through many decision-makers - each with their own priority and bias.

Five Key Stakeholders hold the power to eliminate you from consideration at any point in the recruiting process. Unfortunately, each one has a unique perspective and is looking for something different. Every day, qualified candidates are disqualified; because, they did not know how to communicate in a way that satisfies each stakeholder's a) need for information and b) risk concerns.

Rarely ever discussed, this training component will give you a powerful perspective based on inside knowledge of the recruiting process.
How to 10X Your Interview Results

Learn How to Sell You!
The objective of this special training component is to identify the strategic things you should do, particularly from the perspective of the Recruiter, HR Manager and Hiring Decision-maker. If these things are done well, you can keep moving through the process and supercharge the results you get from your interview.

Action items and examples are provided to show you how to prepare BEFORE your interview, what to do DURING your interview and what to do AFTER your interview to stand out from all the other candidates.

This Entire Training Program Set is Regularly Sold for $49.99


Get More Attention, More Interviews, More Offers and More Money

Everything you need to create a Powerful Resume and Explode your Job Search Results

  • The Resume Assessment Toolkit
  • The Most Deadly Resume Deal Killers
  • Why Your Resume Gets < 10 Seconds of Attention
  • The 5 Key Stakeholder Perspectives
  • BONUS: How to 10X Your Interview Results (FREE)
  • BONUS: And I'll send you future updates (FREE)
  • AND: Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee

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This Entire Training Program Set is Regularly Sold for $49.99.

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After you get back on your feet, if you are in leadership or management, please consider us for our Talent Strategy, Employer Branding and Recruiting as a Service capabilities.




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Simple. I want you to be successful. However, I cannot control what you do. I can only control my commitments. So, if for any reason within 30 days, I have not fulfilled my commitments to you; and, as a result, you are unhappy with the information and value you receive, I will provide a 100% refund. I don't want your money if you are not served well!

What Our Past Job Candidates Have Said...

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had...

"I have never worked with a company like this before. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had when looking for a job. There was nothing left uncovered when it came to quality of service. I am currently employed and couldn’t be happier with the choice I made."

VANESSA W.   Accounting and Finance Professional

This information is priceless…

"This information is priceless…top shelf. It is a true pleasure working with your company…Very professional, knowledgeable and great insight. Thanks for everything."

STEVEN G.   B2B Sales Manager

They provided much needed support and guidance...

"From the initial phone conversation, they provided much needed support and guidance on how to make both my resume and cover letter stand out among other professionals."

JERRY C.   Production Planner/Scheduler

…nothing short of exceptional and professional

"The experience was beyond my expectation. The staff engaged in a real exchange of information and ensured they got to know me as a person and as a candidate. They really took time to learn my qualifications, my accomplishments and asked the right questions. The process was detailed and nothing short of exceptional and professional. I truly feel they are working very diligently and delivering on their mission statement of leaving each candidate better off for having spent time with them."

CARLTON R.   Telecom Executive

Thank you for your expertise, support, encouragement...

"Thank you for your expertise, support, encouragement and professionalism. I also appreciate your candidate profile process, which matches my experience against the job qualifications. I can understand how helpful such a tool is to your clients’ decision making."

DAWN P.   Federal Program Manager

...made me feel like a V.I.P.

"The help that I received made me feel like a V.I.P. And I know that my resume was in shambles. I expected my resume to be at the bottom of the HR recycle bin before any hiring manager could see my strong skill set. After my resume was redone, I realized how much I was missing before it was recreated into an attractive piece of professional data. Thank you for helping me target my career goals in a professional resume."

UPDATE:  "Mark took my 35 year, 6-page resume and compressed it into two pages with better terminology. It gets me 6 calls a week from recruiters now and less negative comments about my contracting career. So, I've flown to Arkansas, Boston and had opportunities in Seattle since its been changed. I wanted  to give you a big thank you and that is the reason for my emails!"

STEPHEN S.   Industrial Machining Engineer 

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