Hiring Options and Outcomes:
The Impact of High Performance Team Members




Recruiting performance is typically evaluated on the wrong metrics.

Improving “speed to hire” and reducing “vacancy rate” are not necessarily correlated to significant business impact. Yes, they impact short-term operational costs and more significantly in some environments, total availability of billable hours; however, real “talent acquisition” – internal or third party – is better measured using qualitative metrics; because, they have much more significant long-term impact on the business.



Minimally qualified

Prior role experience

Prior industry experience

Good technical skills

Good soft skills

Looks good on paper

Interviews well

Rated 7 or 8 out of 10

Can do the job

Voice of the Business

“How soon can they start?”

Voice of the Recruiter

“I think we found someone!”

Voice of the Candidate

“Hire me!”

Impact on the Business

Status quo

Operational continuity

Normal future turnover

Acceptable recruiting metrics

No significant contributions

No measurable improvement

Leadership Impact

Qualified Leaders hire qualified managers and supervisors who hire qualified production team members which creates stability, also known as mediocrity.


Highly qualified

Great prior experience

Prior industry experience

Excellent technical skills

Excellent soft skills

Looks great on paper

Interviews very well

Rated 8 or 9 out of 10

Has done the job!

Voice of the Business

“How can we get them?”

Voice of the Recruiter

“I found the perfect person!”

Voice of the Candidate

“I can do this!”

Impact on the Business

Multiple positive impacts

Operational improvement

Below average role turnover

Average recruiting metrics

Measurable contributions

Some impact on cost, quality

Leadership Impact

Highly Qualified Leaders hire highly qualified managers and supervisors who hire highly qualified production team members which drive measurable operational improvements to cost, quality, speed and compliance metrics – which should mean an annual performance rating of “Meets Expectations” – because after all, that is their job.


“Over qualified”

Broad prior experience

Varied prior experience

Technical mastery

Demonstrated soft skills

Great prior work product

Communicator / Influencer

Rated 10+ out of 10


Voice of the Business

“How do we help them?”

Voice of the Recruiter

“The candidate has ideas!”

Voice of the Candidate

This is what I want to do!”

Impact on the Business

Broad enterprise impact

Operational improvement

Strong candidate longevity

Slow, purposeful recruiting

Significant contributions

Strong competitive impact

Leadership Impact

High Performers are innovators, influencers, game changers, intrepreneurial and act like owners. They surround themselves with high performing managers and supervisors who have high expectations of production team members.

The impact creates disruption, new products, new revenue centers, improved client satisfaction, a culture of innovation, a great place to work and the list goes on.

Their contributions to the business are orders of magnitude greater than the cost to acquire and retain them.


The Weakest Link Determines the Strength of Any Talent Acquisition Supply Chain

It is no longer good enough to just locate talent.

Businesses need to be attractive to the right talent in order to,


   ☐  ENGAGE the best candidates

   ☐  ATTRACT the best new team members

   ☐  RETAIN the best performers


A Totally Unique Recruiting Solution for a Competitive Edge

P4S Consulting uses a proprietary approach to identify the characteristics and capabilities of a high performer before any sourcing is initiated. Our approach is a synthesis of Recruiting, Organizational Design, Marketing and Business Development best practices which when integrated, creates and delivers a totally unique approach to talent identification. Our solution solves for the key failure modes critical to each step of the talent supply chain.

We intentionally engineered a unique methodology significantly differentiate ourselves from the typical staffing agency, but more importantly, to deliver more significant and strategic value to our clients – to deliver HIGH PERFORMING LEADERS AND TEAM MEMBERS.

We accelerate our clients’ success as a business partner – not a vendor – and we’re good at it.



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