Create Your Path From
Employee to Entrepreneur

What's Included 


Professional Inventory and Capabilities Assessment
Help you identify the factors influencing your career development, and help you assess your interests, abilities, strengths, skills, values and more!

Business Objective Coaching
This can best be described as planning your journey up the correct mountain. There's not much more discouraging then becoming successful at something you don’t want to do. Get where you want to go!

Value Proposition Creation
You must have a compelling Value Proposition. It's the messaging you need to sell You! Every word must be aligned with solving a problem and targeted to the right person - the decision-maker. There's an infinite number of things you can do wrong. We’ll focus on what to do correctly that adds strength and power to your message.

Marketing Strategy
Master market segmentation, market profile, customer avatar, market differentiation and more.

LinkedIn Profile Development, Formatting, Messaging, etc.
We’ll help you create a compelling LinkedIn profile that supports your resume, enhances your value proposition and strengthens your personal brand.

Personal Training Course Plan to Improve You!
A guided curriculum through internal and third-party resources to improve you and increase your probability and level of success.


All of the PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE services above...PLUS

Outsourcing Strategy
This moves you from being successfully self-employed to being a business owner. To avoid making costly mistakes, we'll show you what and how to outsourcing safely so you can focus on the most important functions of building your business.

Optimization for Scalability
Just because you can do it once does not mean you can do it 100X. We'll show you what best practices large organizations use to standardize, optimize and scale the delivery of your services.

1 Hour of Professional Coaching and Support Monthly for 1 Year
If you don't have a challenge or an issue that needs to be discussed, we will have developmental exercises and homework for you! 🙂

Advanced Personal Training Course Plan to Improve You!
Being a Thought Leader for a client is not the same thing as being a Leader of Leaders. This advanced guided curriculum through internal and third-party resources will challenge you to re-think assumptions, challenge the status quo, cultivate the commitment of your team, etc.


All of the PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE services above...PLUS

All of the BUSINESS PACKAGE services above...PLUS

Website Development
This isn't about creating  resume with keywords for SEO. It's about creating a compelling message to convert prospects to clients in a scalable way.

Marketing and Messaging
You've hear it before - "money solves a lot of problems." Your marketing campaign strategy is a composite of your Value Proposition, Credibility, Offer, Commitment, Attitude, etc. A weak link anywhere in the chain weakens the whole chain and destroys the ability of your efforts to produce results. We work with you to get it ALL right.

Sales Automation Support
The combination of your Marketing, Messaging, Outsourcing Strategy, Automations, etc. make the business development function a machine instead of an art form. Grow and never be dependent on sales people - automate it!

20% Discount on Hourly On-Demand Support Services for 2 Years
If you have already purchased the Complete package and need more time and support, we are thrilled to go the journey with you and happy to provide a discount on our standard On Demand Time.

IMPORTANT: Please contact us before ordering to discuss your goals and the suitability of this program. Thank you!

Employee to Entrepreneur


Designed for the Professional with marketable skills and the goal of establishing a marketable capability (B2C or B2C).



/one time

  • Professional Inventory
  • Capabilities Assessment
  • Value Proposition
  • Marketing Strategy
  • LinkedIn Branding
  • And More!
Full Name of Entrepreneur
Employee to Entrepreneur


Complete support for Executive-level  Professional to deliver competitive advantage on every level and job search support!



/one time

  • All BUSINESS Services
  • Website Development
  • Marketing and Messaging
  • Sales Automation Support
  • Coaching for 1 Year
  • And More!
Full Name of Entrepreneur

Our Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that we can deliver on our commitments because we do not accept everyone and we will only commit if it is a good fit. The Discovery process and Objective Setting exercises from the very start will confirm our mutual commitments and investments of time and energy. However, if for any reason, you are unhappy, we will make the needed adjustments to get it right. While we cannot control your actions, follow-up and required activity, we can control how we follow through on our commitments. If for any reason, we do not deliver on our commitments, we will provide a refund.

What Our Past Job Candidates Have Said...

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had...

"I have never worked with a company like this before. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had when looking for a job. There was nothing left uncovered when it came to quality of service. I am currently employed and couldn’t be happier with the choice I made."

VANESSA W.   Accounting and Finance Professional

This information is priceless…

"This information is priceless…top shelf. It is a true pleasure working with your company…Very professional, knowledgeable and great insight. Thanks for everything."

STEVEN G.   B2B Sales Manager

They provided much needed support and guidance...

"From the initial phone conversation, they provided much needed support and guidance on how to make both my resume and cover letter stand out among other professionals."

JERRY C.   Production Planner/Scheduler

…nothing short of exceptional and professional

"The experience was beyond my expectation. The staff engaged in a real exchange of information and ensured they got to know me as a person and as a candidate. They really took time to learn my qualifications, my accomplishments and asked the right questions. The process was detailed and nothing short of exceptional and professional. I truly feel they are working very diligently and delivering on their mission statement of leaving each candidate better off for having spent time with them."

CARLTON R.   Telecom Executive

Thank you for your expertise, support, encouragement...

"Thank you for your expertise, support, encouragement and professionalism. I also appreciate your candidate profile process, which matches my experience against the job qualifications. I can understand how helpful such a tool is to your clients’ decision making."

DAWN P.   Federal Program Manager

...made me feel like a V.I.P.

"The help that I received made me feel like a V.I.P. And I know that my resume was in shambles. I expected my resume to be at the bottom of the HR recycle bin before any hiring manager could see my strong skill set. After my resume was redone, I realized how much I was missing before it was recreated into an attractive piece of professional data. Thank you for helping me target my career goals in a professional resume."

UPDATE:  "Mark took my 35 year, 6-page resume and compressed it into two pages with better terminology. It gets me 6 calls a week from recruiters now and less negative comments about my contracting career. So, I've flown to Arkansas, Boston and had opportunities in Seattle since its been changed. I wanted  to give you a big thank you and that is the reason for my emails!"

STEPHEN S.   Industrial Machining Engineer 

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